MUA Co-op Group

MUA Co-op is a group of makeup artists, makeup enthusiasts, and brands that support MUA’s & MUE’s.

MUA Co-op School

MUA Co-op School offers youth and adult classes taught by our diverse group of talented makeup artists.


We are always welcoming to any person of any skill level! All genders are encouraged to participate and we are LBGTQ+ inclusive!

Love & Respect

We always love and respect ourselves and others.


We inspire confidence in ourselves and our work.


We always aim to nurture the spirit of community by supporting one another and our artistry.

Be Yourself

We always aim to be our most authentic selves, as loudly as possible!


Above all else we aim by be joyful through makeup artistry.


Engaging Hype Squad

Average New Members Per Week




United States, Texas

Hi, I’m Tina, the founder of the MUA Co-op Group and School for makeup artistry. I have always been an artistic person and have enjoyed working with many different media. Charcoal, India ink, chalk pastels, clay, and sewing were amongst my favorites until makeup came along and completely captured my heart.

I am a self taught makeup artists, children’s ESL teacher, homeschool mom, artist, and children’s book illustrator. I developed the MUA Co-op curriculum & school from a desire to bring people together in community, share my passion for teaching, and spread the joy of creating art with makeup!

Experience and Training
Life Coach
Certified ESL Teacher
Homeschool Teacher

Makeup Certifications
Beauty by Anica Udemy Course

Cinthia Makeup Studio 
Paola Mosquera Masterclass




United Kingdom, Norfolk

Hey, I’m Niki of ‘Once Upon a Body’ since 2014 and founder of MUA CO-OP! I started out as a face painter for kids parties and then progressed to working with adults for portfolio shoots and magazine work. Since then I have worked on many events and festivals to upskill my talent and creativity.

My best work  and passion has been through SFX makeup and character makeup, I hope to use my skill for film and television in the future.

I am super excited to share my passion, knowledge and creativity with you all!

Experience and Training
I studied Performing Arts/ Theatre Makeup at College and then got a degree in Drama at University. I also hold an ITEC Level 2 & 3 in Beauty Therapy.